What happens when you go to the exhibition and you don’t find an exhibition stand?

Many reports regarding the exhibition contractor AA Studio Kombiko Poland referring that the exhibition stand was canceled without reason and no exhibition stands has been delivered on the fairground. There are several exhibitors facing cancellations with prepayments on time and had their exhibition stands cancelled a couple of weeks before the exhibition start and they did not have any possibility to react on the short time after cancellation, with limited reaction time to order a new exhibition stand somewhere else.

Several exhibition organizers face the problem that their stand space was empty without an exhibition stand, so they send a round letter to other exhibitors to avoid ordering an exhibition stand by AA Studio Kombiko Poland the exhibition contractor. You might get in big problems in case your exhibition contractor does not deliver your exhibition stand even most awful, if they not pay back your prepayment.

Recognizing fraud is to begin with a case of knowing how to research. Here are many types – some less obvious than others and other harder to track.

Our latest exhibition review into fraud in the exhibition building industry – followed research carried out in Europe identifies the risk construction companies dealing with fraud. Below we list reported construction failures.

There are almost endless ways that you will be defrauded in the exhibition construction industry, but there are so many ways that you could protect yourself from those who want to steal from your business and hurt your business.

In most cases, you should do your due diligence on the people you work with to avoid stepping into trouble. Research potential partners on Google, ask for references, find out more on their previous work, or find reviews of their business online.