When searching for an exhibition stand construction company in the UK you might research more deeply if that exhibition stand contractor it’s just an agency or an exhibition stand builder with his own facilities. With a construction company has usually his own workforce and factory with the equipment to build the stand.

An agency is ordering the construction by a subcontractor. Many reports off exhibitors complain lately that there exhibition stand agency did not to deliver the exhibition stand because of untrusted corporations with their subcontractors.

In the exhibition industry trust and capability it’s one of the major attributes some exhibitors spend a lot of money to participate at trade fairs that often are thousands of miles away.

Working for an exhibition organizer for more than 7 years I remember some of the cases where exhibition agencies with corporations with other subcontractors left their exhibitors without an exhibition stand. Especially in the UK where the cost of exhibition construction are very high some exhibition agencies like MJ Exhibitions cooperating with construction companies in Europe to build exhibition stands in France or Germany.

Here are some of the reports weather exhibition Construction went wrong.

The MJ Exhibitions agency was selected to build our exhibition stand at the German show.

After the construction started and we had made the prepayment our construction has been cancelled.

They just said we can’t build the stand as our polish construction partner STAMANN exhibition contractor, located in the city of Poznan in Poland will not build our exhibition stand.

We found many reports in the web where exhibitors reported their exhibition stand construction has been cancelled and their exhibition stand was not delivered.