If you read a real estate post that still showing Yahoo Homes on it – you know that post is outdated by many years! Yahoo Homes is absolutely gone. It is hard to get precise data on the most trafficked real estate websites, but we got it.

The top real estate websites have extraordinary power to sell homes, give you the optimal results when searching land for sale or a farm.

Based on the National Association of Realtors 95% of home buyers will use the web to look for their next home. Very few homes are sold as a result of open houses, print ads, yard signs, or any other marketing method.

What is a prime real estate website?

For the purposes of this article, a top real estate website is one that is used by buyers to find their next home. Only the websites that buyers use in mass to find their next property. No matter they are looking for Colorado land for sale or New Mexico land for sale.

I advertise on the top real estate websites for selling my homes, so they are seen by buyers quicker and more frequently. This is a huge marketing channel, where the buyer sees the property online, then next they contact you instantly. The more online views, the more showings, the more offers, the better the final sales price and time on market for the seller.